An old writing from 3 years ago.

The following is something I wrote three years ago during a 5 1/2 week hospitalization

I feel like I am leaves blowing in the wind.  Scattering all around blowing this way and that way.  Pieces of me floating in every direction.  Pieces getting lost.

What purpose is this.  Why am I being scattered lost?

How am I going to be found?  Who is going to find me and put me back together? How am I ever going to be whole again?

The leaves got trampled, stepped on, battered and worn.  Leaving the pieces of me crumbled and torn.

How can I be pieced back together?  I no longer fit to the branches of the tree, I no longer fit anywhere.

I am just left to scatter forever.

Then it comes to me, a message perhaps a chirp from a bird or as a whisper in the wind.

It tells me that in the spring the snow will melt, the flowers will bloom, with it the trees will bud again and the leaves they will re-grow maybe in a different shape then last time and perhaps, perhaps I will be whole again.


About bipolarwhisper

Mental health blogger. Bipolar, PTSD, OCD, Anxiety. Lover of butterflies. Risen out of the ashes like a phoenix. Survivor. Contact me at: Email: Twitter: @bipolarwhisper
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