My Manic brain

Tune to Perfect by Pink in my head…..I am singing part of it in my mind while my Nerd brain is watching Stargate Atlantis with my husband….here are just a few minutes of my thoughts…..And yes they are all running together in my head just like this is written.

Mistreated, Misplaced, Misunderstood – What are they doing to Ronon? – I need to switch the laundry – Load dishwasher – I wonder what I can blog about tomorrow – Can’t forget to fill the wood stove before bed – oh Teyla is mad at John – I should mop the floor again – but I mopped them 3 hours ago – Oh that frigging wraith got Ronon – I hope Ronon kicks his ass – Come here puppy give Mom some cuddles – Stop it OMG I hate what they are doing to Ronon – Fuck my writing is terrible tonight – I wish – Oh I don’t even know where that thought was going – Oh my God Teyla and Kanaan’s baby is so cute – I wonder when my friend is going to have her baby – we should get our family pictures done – probably won’t  happen now for a while – I should make an appointment to get my eyebrows done – ugh frigging wraith you ruined Ronon – I think the puppy is getting another ear infection – Cold Coffee – YUCK- I need to get 10 pictures for my door frame project – perhaps I should sort through the bin of pictures – I had fun drinking with friends last night – should do that again soon – ugh this episode is fucking driving me – pi day got to remember to find that picture – I need to write a grocery list – I wonder if we need milk – Mckay YES nerd brain ideas – anxiety – hmm where did that come from – ewww cut his hand right off – need more coffee – 2 am maybe not – shivers – ah dryer is stopped – wonder if I should put another load of laundry in washer – Oh Ronon is suffering – oh good job making his character look like he is suffering from withdrawls – no school tomorrow – ANNNND HES BACK (Ronon) – Man his corn rolls are really long now – Yeah that is what they are called right? – Must get laundry out of dryer – stopped to fold.

5 thoughts on “My Manic brain

  1. Whoa there ~ sounds like the shit that gets flung around in my head (not the TV show though LOL!) My self description ~ crazy rat dancing in my head with a crack head squirrel riding shotgun ~ holding my brain hostage!

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