Heightened Awareness

For about 12 hours now I have been extremely aware of many of my senses.  They are heightened in a way that I am not even sure I can explain.

This is not the first time this has happened to me, and I know without a doubt that it will not be the last.

I am seeing everything in a bright light. As if my pupils are dilated into large round saucers and someone turned the sharpen image filter up to its highest setting.  The colors are bright and vibrant like a kaleidoscope.  Each color sharpened with razor sharp edges and blinding light.

My hearing is magnified to a deafening level.  Like some super loud sonic boom.  The sound of a whisper, heightened so much it radiates through my ears with utmost clarity.   The slow and rhythmic drip of water sounding more like a horses trot.  The fan in my computer,  a windy vortex waiting to blow me away.

A feeling under my skin like a thousand spiders crawling just under the surface.  A knee jerk reaction to pull away from the slightest tickle, the littlest touch.

My thoughts are loud like echoes bouncing off some invisible cavern inside my head.  Like I am screaming inside myself when all I am trying to do is whisper.

Thoughts bouncing around inside my head like defined silhouettes against a light, but bright background.

All of these sensations together are maddening.

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