Weird unbalanced month

I haven’t been what I call balanced for a month now.  I say what “I” call balanced, because my balance might be different from your balance and your balance might be different from mine.  Its been over a month now with sleep patterns that have been all over the place.  From one extreme to the next.

I use a mood tracker to track mood and keep track of things.  The following chart shows my sleep patterns in the green line.  The purple bars, are balance at the level part and the rest is either mildly elevated, moderately elevated and I believe a couple of mildly depressed.  The two colors or purple lines are because each day you can track two moods in case you have a mixed day.   The pink section of the chart is medications, it changes to blue on the date the doctor added a new medication.  The red are days I missed taking medications, maybe one or maybe all.  The yellow triangles are days I had mild anxiety, the yellow rectangles are moderate anxiety.  The blueish green triangles are days with mild irritability.  The dark blue are days with a period.



The month has been full of restlessness, hyperness, crawling skin, talking fast, talking loud, rapid invading thoughts, mixed feelings, paranoia, back to little sleep, over to moderate hyperness, back to what I thought was balance, and well as you can see its just been a month of all-over-the-placeness.

Yes that is what I am going to call it:  All-Over-The-Placeness.  Because that makes sense to me.  That is how I feel.

Its been nothing too serious.  It was moderate for a few days right after changing medications.

It kinda feels like someone took my once balanced snow globe life and shook it making the snow fall.  They then let it settle for a day or so and shook it again.

It is almost annoying.  I am not sure if I want the snow to settle and stay settled or if I want someone to keep shaking.  I tend to like my hyperness and productiveness in the early stages of hypomania or mania.  But I do know that it can go to a bad place.

So the snow settling is my safest bet.

Anyone else having a month like this?

4 thoughts on “Weird unbalanced month

    1. I was like that for a while. But I have had a good year for the most part. Some depression from late Nov to February but not serious. Other then that I have been pretty good since December 2013….at least nothing serious that lasted anymore then a week.


  1. All-Over-The-Placeness……. it gives a whole new meaning to self-travel. I say, “Keep shaking!” Nothing is ever truly stable anyway.

    Love your blog and BTW … Thanks for the follow. Much appreciated.

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    1. It seems so accurate and rolls off the tongue…..haha. And I agree what is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly! Thanks for the kind words about the blog 🙂

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