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Uncontrollable Urges – Self Injury Trigger Warning

Old writing from years ago, right in the very midst of the worst parts of my self injury.  Written on November 5th 2000. Uncontrollable Urges Sitting here Knife in hand Not expecting you to understand That the pain I have … Continue reading

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Empowered (Language warning)

Tonight I am empowered.  It did not start off that way, but it has gotten that way pretty quickly.  It actually started with some hurt, some deep hurt within myself, one that I felt should not have been there.  But … Continue reading

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Like a boat sailing in the distant fog

I was just talking to a friend about writing.  We both write, we both have blogs, and she was saying how she was not sure what direction to go in and I mentioned how I feel my writing slipping away … Continue reading

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I wrote a guest blog post over at Imperfect Cognitions

I wrote a guest blogger post for a site called Imperfect Cognitions.  They have a monthly blog post series by-experts-by-experience.  One of the ideas I could write on was whether manic symptoms brought out creativity in people who have been … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger – Writing of Passage – Like a Crazy Train

The Godfather of Heavy Metal, Mr. Ozbourne himself, said it right, when he sang about “going off the rails like a crazy train”. Would almost make you wonder if he had this disorder in mind. I’ve lived with bipolar disorder … Continue reading

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Letting Go

 Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. I read that quote earlier in the week and I have had it on a sticky note on my computer screen every since as a reminder to myself that sometimes … Continue reading

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Never Too Old

As adults we often take for granted what we have.  We forget that we can loose things by taking them for granted.   Sometimes people take for granted the jobs that they are working, the roof over their heads, the food … Continue reading

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