Link Dump

I have decided to make a permanent page for Mental Health Blog links and Blog post links.  If you are interested in having your blog or blog post added to the list please let me know.



We Knew Something Was Different – Xaleah Xailee

Alcohol and Drug Abuse


Bipolar Disorder

50 Shades of Bipolar – Writing of Passage


Borderline Personality Disorder

Monarch Butterfly (On the Borderline)


Things Depression is Teaching me – Part 1  –  hbhatnagar

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Eating Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


A Journey With You

Self Harm

Recovery – The Journey To Strength


I am a Suicide Survivor – Bipolar Whispers

I used to be Suicidal – The Journey To Strength

Mental Health Medication Related

Lithium  – Writing of Passage

Mental Health Blogs

The Journey To Strength

Tessa Can Do It!



About bipolarwhisper

Mental health blogger. Bipolar, PTSD, OCD, Anxiety. Lover of butterflies. Risen out of the ashes like a phoenix. Survivor. Contact me at: Email: Twitter: @bipolarwhisper
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19 Responses to Link Dump

  1. hbhatnagar says:
    Part one of a 5 part series I wrote. Hope you like it.

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  2. staystrong10 says:

    I picked three, I wasn’t sure which one I liked best, so I’ll let you choose! Thank you for including me 🙂

    I Used To Be Suicidal

    Recovery (about cutting)

    Title (about recovery and inner strength)

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  3. I would love to have my blog included. It is about schizophrenia

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  4. Thank you for considering it!

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    • bipolarwhisper says:

      Added to the blog post and also added to the page which can be accessed by clicking “Links to Mental Health Blogs and Blog Posts” in the black bar under my header picture. Thanks for taking part 🙂


  5. Tessa says:

    My blog is a mix of mental and physical disorders as well as articles and a daily journal, also stories and poems. thanks for the consideration.

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  6. I would love to be a part of your link dump! 🙂

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