Mania Check List

Spent a lot of time trying to be in control….. not to move much, or trying not to talk a lot tonight, failed miserably.  All it accomplished was making me feel more out of control……Irony at its finest.

Lack of Sleep?

Check mark symbol


Check mark symbol


Check mark symbol

Too Many Thoughts?

Check mark symbol

Not being able to sit still?

Check mark symbol

Heightened Senses and Irritability?

Check mark symbol


Check mark symbol

Talking A LOT?

Check mark symbol

Lack of Concentration?

Check mark symbol

9 out of 10 of my personal signs that I am Hypomanic……Found in a previous blog post here:


13 thoughts on “Mania Check List

      1. First one is Lack of Sleep 🙂 That is always the start of it for me as well. This was just my fast check list for myself last night but I do have a more in depth post if you want to click the link. 🙂

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