Letting Go

 Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

I read that quote earlier in the week and I have had it on a sticky note on my computer screen every since as a reminder to myself that sometimes I do need to let go.

It is something I have had a hard time with my entire life.  I have a hard time of letting go of things. Sometimes I even have a hard time holding on to things that I should.  But the letting go is always the hardest.

I harbor things within myself that I should have let go of a long time ago.  I hold on to past hurts, pain and hurt feelings like I am hording water for a trip across a hot, dusty desert.

And I realize that all I am doing by holding on to these things is hurting myself.  I am making the wounds deeper and pouring salt on them.

I have been learning to let go more and more over the years with the right amount of therapy and deep reflection.

I have finally realized that In letting go I am finally letting myself heal.

Healing in:

Body – Mind – Soul


6 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. It’s hard to figure out that balance and let go of some of the past hurts and difficulties we’ve had. But you’ve arrived at a good piece of wisdom if you’re able to do both to any degree. Way to go 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I took a very long time but I have finally let go of some things that have been haunting me. I still cannot let things go at the drop of a hat, but I can at least try and know that at some point I will arrive there again.

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  2. I need more than a support group. I go to Bipolar Support at my drop in and also am looking into a program called DBT that helps people change their thought and intense feelings by challenging their thoughts in a journal and have 1 on1 therapy and one group session per week.

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    1. I gave up talk therapy over a year ago, I was working so much and was unable to attend the sessions. But I see my psychiatrist regularly every 4-6 weeks, and sooner if I am not well.


  3. I’ve found it to be a great challenge to let things go…I yearn for my youth which is gone (I’m almost 21 now so I still am youthful, but I yearn for the ease and imagination of my childhood) and also fixate on past mistakes and emotionally damaging events. I need to move past it…or else i can’t move forward.

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    1. I do the same, though I do not yearn for childhood as much, I do tend to fixate on mistakes so much it almost drives me bonkers. I over analyze everything. I have a jaded thinking process that does not help this matter in any way.


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