Bipolar Whispers In the Dark

*This is how I have felt the past couple of days, with a gnawing depression in the mornings and early afternoons, and a more strange flat state in the late afternoon, evening and night, with the tingle of hypomania just under the surface.*

Both sides of my Bipolar are whispering at the same time.  Calling from the distance, one gently calling from the dark side, being seductively alluring while a more frantic call comes from the vivid manic side of my mind.

The dark side boasts long naps under the warm covers with self loathing.  A struggle from somewhere deep inside, self hate, low self esteem, tears and sadness.  While the mania screams projects and research, insomnia and excitement.

But for now, I am stuck on an island, staving off both sides with a metaphorical sword.

5 thoughts on “Bipolar Whispers In the Dark

  1. i don’t envy you. i either seem to have mixed or depressive episodes. truly, the mixed ones are better, til of course, i regain my sanity. hope the situation does not get worse.

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    1. Thank you. I hate mixed, its confusing. This is not too bad at the moment, I hope it does not get worst. We have a lot going on right now so I am hoping its just that and nothing more, but I can not be sure.

      Sorry that your mixed are so frustrating.

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