I have to apologize, I have not been writing much lately, so my posts are less often.

The depression is like a large dark cloud hovering over my head constantly.  Its been a while now, I had a couple of pretty good days in a row so thought I may have been coming out of it.  But unfortunately I am not.  It just seems to be getting darker and darker.

20 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Hey, Whispers, you may know that I broke a bone in my foot and can’t sit much at the computer. Are you looking into maybe a new antidepressant? Because they stop working, let me tell you. It’s totally common. It’s just not something Big Pharma Wants us to know. Otherwise, we wouldn’t think as highly of them and buy into all their propaganda. I have been binge watching “The Americans” (about Russian Spies) I’ve watched all the episodes available. I now need something else to watch. There is a new sitcom (not my favorite format) with Alison Janney called “Mom” about a bipolar recovering alcoholic mother that I heard good things about. Keep posting. I think it’s important for us to hold onto what it is in life that we can still do. And you articulate quite well.


    1. Yes I remember about your foot, I hope that it is healing well.

      I am going to try to see the doctor on Friday if possible. I kept putting it off because I thought it would lift quickly, then I had a couple of good says so I thought it was getting better. But turns out it is not.


  2. You really don’t have to apologise. So hard to write when your mind is feeling the oppression that is depression. I think many of us have times when we write so much and then nothing much at all. I have been struggling to write myself – very unusual as I always have so much to say! In some states it can be so terribly hard to express how you are feeling verbally let alone writing it out. Maybe lack of motivation is also a key to why we struggle to express ourselves. I am sure that we could find many reasons why we can’t write, sing, dance or enjoy even the simple things. I was thinking about those two good days – I call them teasers because they have you thinking that all might finally be well but then – down the rabbit hole one goes again. I hope this finds you bathing in a little light. Remember to hang in there, be kind to yourself and keep in mind that this will pass……….. Take care. Karina 🙂

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    1. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write such a heart felt comment and for reading my blog.

      Everything you have said have “hit the nail on the head” so to speak.

      Sorry that you are also having some issues with trying to write lately, I hope that the writers block leaves you soon. I think that is something that is very hard for me, when I hit that wall and cannot seem to write anything that makes sense, or just do not have the “get go” to write anything.

      That in itself makes the depression that much harder for me. I have written while depressed before, but not so much in recent years.

      I never really looked at those days as teasers, but that makes so much sense. It is exactly that. I thought I was coming out of something only to find myself deeper into the pit of darkness.

      Take care hugs.


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