11 thoughts on “Can’t. Stop. Moving.

      1. I know the feeling. What do you usually do to calm down a little bit? Apart from the meds? I open a window and light a cigarette, doesn’t work always though.


      2. I don’t usually do much of anything. I do not smoke. I do have bad coping urges that I am refusing to give into. I usually just keep moving, keep doing. I feel the need to run but am not able to atm.


      3. Well I wasn’t recommending a smoke as a coping mechanism! 🙂
        Running is a better alternative any day. at a pinch though, any coping mechanism will do I guess. Take care. Hugs,

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  1. I was taught to play some sort of game in my head to keep your mind on one thing. I play a game where I take all the letters in my name and make new words with them. Anything that keeps my mind focused on one thing, even if it’s coloring and making sure I’m expertly in the lines, really helps me.

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