How do I survive my own mind?

I am a survivor.  I have thought those words so many times during my life time. I have survived things that many have never had to endure.  And I say that knowing that there are people out there who have endured worst than me.

And my heart goes out to anyone who are struggling with any sort of struggle.

I have gotten back up, dusted myself off, screamed inside my head to “shut up and survive”.

I have not always been the kindest person to myself.

That was probably an understatement.

Actually no, that IS an understatement.

I am one of my biggest and harshest critics.  For everything.

For my writing.  For my coping skills.  For everything that is going on inside my “pretty little head”.  I criticize everything.  Every aspect of my being has been at one point or another picked apart and critiqued by me.

And it has been harsh….to say the least.

Somehow I have not only survived the things that life has thrown at me, but I have had to try to survive the way my mind picked the situation apart, bit by bit, layer by layer.

Surviving my own mind…..How does one even do that?

16 thoughts on “How do I survive my own mind?

  1. I think saving our own minds takes a very long time and who knows if we ever really reach that hallelujah point, but it always sounds to me like you are in the process of saving yours

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  2. I don’t think we can ever truly save our minds but I do think we can someone manage to put up with the bad stuff and know that tomorrow could be a completely different day, somedays you do feel like you just can’t put up a fight and that’s okay, a lot of people I think forget that they need to rest and take time for there selves and it’s not being selfish, it’s giving yourself much needed me time.

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    1. I agree that once we can get through the moment in time that we are struggling sometimes the surviving is easier the next day. It is hard to take time to rest, or take time just to do something for ourselves with the hustle and bustle of every day lives, families, jobs, and just living.

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