Little update, and how are you all

It’s been days since I have actually been able to sit and write. I guess you could all tell that by my lack of postings on here.

My head keeps hitting the metaphorical wall of writers block. I have started several postings and haven’t been able to wrap my mind around what it is that I am writing, so I just stop.

After all for me, forced writing is not good writing. It needs to come naturally and flow.

First a quick update on me. As you all know I didn’t sleep well for a bit and was taking another med (Clonazepam) for 7 days, that is over with now, and I continued to sleep half decent for a bit. Back to 3 hours sleep a night again now for the past 2 nights hopefully that does not last long.

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday morning. I am doing well, balanced. But I knew this already. So we decided I would also stop the med (Chlorpromazine) which I had started in March when I was manic. So I never took that last night before bed like I normally would.

Fingers crossed that I do well off of it.

I tend to go through these ‘swings’ every so often. For the most part I was balanced for just over a year. Some slight depression, and maybe some slight ‘get go’ I wouldn’t call it mania because it was nowhere near that. Then I get into a phase where it is harder to get back to the balance. But this has become my cycle, and I am used to it.

It’s funny how I have just ‘gotten used’ to something that causes so much chaos in my life. But it has been with me so long that it is just a part of who I am.

I have been more open about my mental illness since starting this blog. Before I used to hide it from most people. Family knew, and close friends of course but from everyone else I hid.

I have chosen to no longer hide. I am who I am mental illness and all. Accept that, or don’t, it really makes no difference to me anymore.


What I would like now is for all my mental health ‘family’ to comment with how you are doing, I want to know how you all are.


12 thoughts on “Little update, and how are you all

  1. Glad to hear you’re sleeping a little better. Here’s to hoping you have a pleasant rest tonight! 🙂

    As far as writing… I know that feeling all too well… The feeling of not being able to wrap my brain around what I’m writing. I’m all pumped and ready to go one minute, and then the next, I can’t seem to get it together. It could take me an entire evening just to write a little ditty. Definitely frustrating. And I agree – it has to come naturally.

    “I have chosen to no longer hide. I am who I am mental illness and all. Accept that, or don’t, it really makes no difference to me anymore.” This is wonderful! Good for you, girl! 🙂

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    1. Slept 3, 3 and 4 the past three nights. Not horrible, but not good either I suppose.

      Sorry that you have the same problems with writing, it is quite frustrating for me.

      And thanks 🙂

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  2. Oh, I’m doing alright, thanks for asking, haha. 😉 Just trying to incorporate the techniques I’ve been learning in my stress reduction class to my daily life. It’s tough, but for the first time (probably ever), I think I’m actually starting to understand what it means to be mindful.

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    1. So glad that you are doing okay. And taking the techniques that we learn can be quite difficult. So I am glad that you are able to start doing so. Hugs.

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