Happy Father’s Day


Father’s day is a bittersweet day for me.  I lost my Dad when I was just 13 years old, so for years it was a sad day, but one filled with lots of memories.  On Father’s day, I would often find myself snuggled in a quilt that my Mom made out of my Dad’s button up shirts and just remembering him.  He was a good Dad, and I was Daddy’s little girl.  I would give anything to have him back, even if just for a day so my children could meet him.

But for the past 13 years, Father’s day has had a more positive note.  After our first child was born Father’s day also became a day to celebrate my husband.  He is an amazing father to our children and an amazing husband to me.  We love and appreciate him more than words could possibly say.  So to you my dear husband, the Father of our 3 amazing children, Happy Father’s Day!! xoxox

And I just wanted to say a Happy Father’s Day to all my readers who are Fathers, Step Fathers,  Grandfathers, or Mothers who are pulling double duty!!

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