Cluttered environment – cluttered mind.

Have you ever looked around yourself – saw a cluttered environment and realized it was the product of a cluttered mind?

Over the summer – or more accurately the month of August – I have let my surroundings drastically go.  Things were not getting put back where they were supposed to be, laundry was not getting finished, beds were left unmade, and my home no longer felt like a home and I no longer felt at ease or calm here.

Most of these feelings were due to the fact that I can’t stand clutter and mess.  Don’t get me wrong – we are a family of 5.  2 adults, 3 children who are 13 and under and 2 fur babies, one cat, one dog. My house is never spotless, never perfect and you will never see a picture of it in the next edition of House and Home.

What my house is – is lived in, my couches are worn and used, an art easel sits in my dining room and art work adorns my dining room walls, all created by my 8 year old son.  There is not one – but two laptop computers sitting on my coffee table, where they remain a permanent fixture in the room because they are used so often I do not even bother to pack them up anymore.

But these are the normal every day – our house is lived in – aspects of our home.

But the month of August my mind and my home have slowly began to become cluttered again.  Then I get to this point that I am currently at where I feel the need to declutter everything.  EVERYTHING.

Closets, drawers, dressers, basement, storage bins.  My sole goal in this decluttering is getting rid of stuff and organizing.  I have the strong urge to keep getting rid of things we do not need or do not use.

Yesterday I took 7 garbage bags FULL of things to the goodwill thrift store, and I have already started on another bag.