Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


I just wanted to take a moment to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!!

I hope it is filled with love, laughter and holiday cheer.

And most of all for those of you that struggle throughout the holiday season I hope that the demons are staying calm and that you are doing well.

Much Love,

The Holidays and Mental Health

The holidays can be a stressful time for many people, financially it can be hard, or perhaps memories of holidays past are difficult or haunting.  Maybe the family gatherings are more than you are able to fully handle, maybe that one cousin whom you do not want to see shows up and disrupts the party.

Either way the holidays can be a mess for some people.  Others find so much joy in them.

For me it is a mixture of both.

There are things that I love about the holidays and there are things that I would rather not have to deal with.

And I know what comes after them.  Almost every year (probably every year) starting in January some depression hits.  I find myself not wanting to go anywhere and I am moody and touchy.  Difficult at times.

The holidays bring sentimental thoughts.  But they also bring stressful situations for me.

But we manage to get through them every year.

I would like to know how you make it through the holidays each year?  What are your go to tips to help cope with stressful situations?

OCD and Counting

I have OCD as you all know.  Sometimes it seems to be a lot worst than other times.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Just bad, bad, bad.

When I do things it has to be in even numbers and I tend to do them in sixes most of the time.  Yesterday was way worst than normal.

I was running on little sleep, which is not altogether that strange for me.  But things have been a bit stressful and the combination of no sleep and other issues just seemed to combine and really cause some issues.

I counted while I brushed my teeth (I do this anyway) I counted using soap to wash my hands, I counted while rinsing my hands and I counted while drying them, had to do it a certain number of times and had to do it a certain way.

I cut food in sixes.

I took out a grey plate for my sons lunch, I had to put it back because I HAD TO HAVE the blue plate for him or something was going to happen.  Same thing happened for my plate, my fork, my glass, everything I did and touched had to be second guessed, and changed if my mind told me to.

I counted fingers, and letters, and words.

I went over lists and other lists over and over.

I could not make any decisions yesterday with out second guessing myself and having to do things another way.

Some of this I do anyway, yesterday was just brutal.

Today was much better.  Yes I am still doing a lot of those things, but it is not bothering me as much as yesterday.

Hoping tomorrow is a good day……

*counts to six*