11 thoughts on “feeling off

  1. I certainly know how this feels. It’s funny that so many people think we I have nothing wrong with our brain chemistry. It’s just a matter of society and the air that we breathe. Kudos

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    1. I have been med free for just over 8 months now, and its been good, so I am a little nervous about the changes right now. How are you?


      1. I’m just now waking up from a long fog. Angry all the time. I seem to be lost and alone, even when I’m with people. I don’t fit in anywhere. People think I need to do things differently, but why am I always the one who has to change?? I wish for you a better way of surviving.

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      2. I can relate. I haven’t really been angry much, but definitely lost and alone even in crowded rooms or around family and friends. I have been doing well for a while now though but still nervous about whats next and have had some anxiety lately. I am med free again right now, which I know is probably not a good thing but made it through the summer.

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