Started med.

Finally built up the nerve to take the first of the Zoloft last night. (Feb 6th) Every since my bad reaction to Lithium I am nervous taking new medications.  Even stuff I have taken before makes me a little nervous.

I have only slept for an hour.

I am getting my kids off to school and going to “try” to sleep.

I feel quite a bit of nausea and my body tingles.  But nothing major.

Will update again soon.

3 thoughts on “Started med.

    1. I am glad to hear that you are doing well with it. I am just starting so taking an extremely low dosage of 25mg. We always start off very low to watch for any manic/hypomanic symptoms. Because I have been off all medications for 9 1/2 months this is the only thing I am taking at the moment with out any anti psychotics or mood stabilizers, so I am a little nervous but trying not to be.

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