Zoloft Crazy?

That moment when…

the depression is so bad you feel like you have failed everyone and everything and as much as you want to go to sleep and not wake up you have to keep on breathing.

Such was me a few weeks ago, me before coming off the Zoloft.

The Zoloft that made life worst.  The Zoloft that made me feel crazy.  The Zoloft that made me want to harm myself.  The Zoloft that made me put the breaks on while driving because I thought someone was crossing the road and when I blinked no one was there (among other stories), The Zoloft that made me dream dreams that I thought were real, absolute. The Zoloft that did not mix well with alcohol.  The Zoloft that did not let me sleep but yet made me feel like I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up. The Zoloft that made me paranoid.  The Zoloft that changed me.

Now I am off the Zoloft, and in just a couple of weeks I already feel a ton better, not ‘normal me’ better, but not Zoloft crazy.

Back one one of my old faithful medications, Tegertol.

14 thoughts on “Zoloft Crazy?

  1. SSRI (the group Zoloft belongs to) is known to have this opposite effect on some people. No one is entirely clear why it is so. I hope your doctor made you aware of the potential side-effect and that you are now feeling a little better after having come off it. I had a similar experience with another drug in the same family…I wish you strength.

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    1. It was almost a mixed state hell, I believe. It got bad, alcohol made it hell of worst, very close to a hospitalization but managed to have the sense to stop the med and get help a few days later. Some anti D’s cause me mania, this one was weird.

      How are you? Its been a long time since I disappeared from the blogging world for a while. I hope you are well.

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      1. We just don’t know enough of how the brain works to be that good at prescribing psychiatric meds, but we try to do the best we can…I’m hanging on. Nice to see you back online. Take care and stay well.

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  2. Hi there ! I have known personally of several people who have taken Zoloft and had similar horrifying experiences just like yours! I’m not sure what is up with that particular anti depressant but I really think it should be re evaluated and maybe even taken off of the market! Glad to read you are off of it and feeling better!

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    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I wish I had known before hand what I knew after, retrospect is everything. It was quite the experience and one that I definitely would not wish on anyone. I agree it should be reevaluated. I am not sure if its just people with Bipolar Disorder having these experiences or other disorders as well, but if its just Bipolar disorder its should be maintained as not recommended for Bipolar.

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      1. Good point and I’ve known two people who had that reaction one of them was a family member that had depression the other was a friend of mine who had anxiety and depression combined. Yeah scary scary drug for real!

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      2. Scary. I wasn’t taking it that long, maybe 3 – 4 weeks but definitely long enough to experience the nasty side of it. I hope your family member and friend is doing well now.

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      3. The other one I knew of causing problems was Prozac for a different friend I had that had panic attack anxiety and depression. Ugh I wish that these medicines would be better evaluated before they are just handed out to people!

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  3. I am so glad that I am not the only one who has experienced what felt like true insanity with my antidepressants. Your blog explains my emotions so acutely, as well as my struggle with alcohol and insomnia, that I almost feel like I wrote it (and definitely wish that I had)! Thank you for your perspective, and your ability to connect with others on an interpersonal level.

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot to me when I connect with others who are in the same boat as me. I hate that they are there but glad that I can at least help paddle up stream with them.

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