When your Bipolar diagnosis gets moved from BP2 to BP1, does that mean its upgraded to 5 star accommodations or downgraded to 1 star accommodations?

And more so I wonder how long my doctor knew this tidbit of information….

Thursday over night and Friday were bad.  I was talking fast, then pressured, then stuttering and not able to get words or anything out.  I ended up in the Er, then transferred to a Mental health hospital.   Where to be honest I met the best Psychiatrists I have ever seen.

Tegertol increased to 200mgs, with being told to go to 300mgs if the mania did not begin to calm in a day or two (which I increased last night after the night before barely sleeping any). Trazodone 50mgs added for sleep.

First night all that along with the Zopiclone 7.5 managed to get me about 8 hours of sleep.  Second night, nothing touched me again.  Slept maybe 2 hours of broken sleep and woke yesterday with the major speech issues again, and feeling like I could not sit still and all the other lovely classic bipolar stuff.

Last night I managed to get about 2 hours of broken sleep in the night and about 2 hours of broken sleep sometime between 9 and 12:30.   Still having some speech issues but I would say its cleared up about 80%, seems the more I talk the worst it gets.

Seeing my own doctor tomorrow sometime to get meds situated and probably something better for sleep.  (Just a tidbit of info, all this happened 4 hours away from home for me and we came home on Saturday which is why I never saw my regular doctor before but Er and Mental Health Hospital.)

2 thoughts on “Wondering

  1. This may sound strange, but I didn’t even know what bipolar disorder was until I was diagnosed with it 13 years ago. I’m now in my high 40s. I didn’t even know my “type”. Years later I found a receipt from my first psychiatrist and it said bipolar type 2, but all of my hospital records said bipolar type 1. Now that I have a lot more insight into my illness, I realize that I surely had full blown mania since I was maybe 15/16. If not then, then definitely 24. Way before my bipolar diagnosis. Given this, I just looked at my illness as bad. My worst episodes have been mania, especially mania with mixed features. But what if I did have a type of bipolar (maybe type 2) that included extremely severe depressions. Is that a higher grade of accommodations? It’s just different.


    1. Yup exactly, I do get that, I was being silly I think in my mood, in saying does it mean I am upgraded or downgraded not real accommodations at all. It was the mood I was in that allowed me to make a joke per say. I like you should have been diagnosed years ago but was diagnosed at 30. Looking back we can see all the symptoms, manias and depressions associated with Bipolar disorder. I am now in my mid 30’s.

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