9 thoughts on “Self Care-Comment below.

  1. I’m reaching out to people. I figured it’s been a while since depression has got me in a very lonely lifestyle. But, chances are, I’m not an introvert by nature. I tried finding purposeful things to do by myself, but nothing came to my mind. Maybe it’s not the things, but the people I do those things with. The engagement. Admitting that I’m not a monk, that I need a social life is actually tough. But I guess that’s the way to go. So, I’m reaching out.

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    1. Definitely a great idea. Sometimes it is so easy to retreat within ourselves and spend more and more time alone. Reaching out is hard to do but can most certainly be a great way of exercising self care.

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  2. I light my favorite incense, desert sage, while I journal about things that are weighing heavy on my heart. I journal until those things lose their power over me. Sometimes I watch my favorite movie, Wonder Woman, to remind myself that I am a powerful woman who has taken my power back.

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    1. Sounds like some great self care ideas. I used to do a lot of journaling when I was younger but have gotten out of it over the years. Great ideas!


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