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Moderate Anxiety

Dealing with some anxiety here tonight, first time I felt like this in quite some time.  I was watching something on tv and I guess some of it hit home with some things that I was and have been going … Continue reading

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When anxiety gets stronger

As I wrote last night I was feeling the anxiety getting stronger and stronger and I was beginning not to function well, this was the first time that anxiety has controlled me to this magnitude in a very long time. … Continue reading

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Sitting here at 2:40 am and all I feel is a terrible heart gripping anxiety.  Anxiety is winning tonight.  I feel it in every part of my body.  My arms, my legs.  But mostly I feel it squeezing my heart, … Continue reading

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There have been times in my life when I have felt completely alone while standing in a room full of people.  Alone in my thoughts while hundreds of hearts beat all around me.  Faces smile at me but I see … Continue reading

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I just want to crawl under a rock and burrow deep into the darkness.  Let the lack of light swallow me whole.  Covering me in shadows, surrounding me in the chaos that are the thoughts inside my mind. Knowing the … Continue reading

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Caught in the grasp of Anxiety

It feels like something is squeezing my heart, and while it is doing so my heart is skipping a beat or two, all the while fluttering as if a bunch of butterflies were trying to escape a single cocoon at … Continue reading

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Trigger Response – Corresponding Memories

Trigger.  A topic, word, phrase, item, picture, smell, taste or song that can create an emotional response in someone or cause them to relive an experience.  Traumatic or otherwise. We all have them. Something that triggers a response in our … Continue reading

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