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Bipolar Depression

Entering into a depression can be particularly scary for someone who suffers from bipolar disorder. I know it is part of my cycle of the disorder. But it is my least favorite part. Not that there is a good part … Continue reading

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Depression is slowly lifting.

It is a mixed kinda day. As you all know I have been suffering in the depression part of my illness for almost 3 weeks now.  On Friday my psychiatrist increased my Wellbutrin. I was taking 150mgs since February of … Continue reading

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I have to apologize, I have not been writing much lately, so my posts are less often. The depression is like a large dark cloud hovering over my head constantly.  Its been a while now, I had a couple of … Continue reading

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I feel like I am swimming in a dirty fish bowl.  I am looking out through thick unclean, cloudy water. Everything is muddled, foggy. I feel dazed, I feel confused, I feel sedated, and I am drowning.

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Depression is out to get me.

I feel the gentle tug just under the surface.  I know that it will soon become more of a consistent pull.  At first it is always gentle, slowly pulling me under.  But then it quickly gets more frantic and will … Continue reading

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I just want to crawl under a rock and burrow deep into the darkness.  Let the lack of light swallow me whole.  Covering me in shadows, surrounding me in the chaos that are the thoughts inside my mind. Knowing the … Continue reading

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