Never Too Old

As adults we often take for granted what we have.  We forget that we can loose things by taking them for granted.   Sometimes people take for granted the jobs that they are working, the roof over their heads, the food in their bellies.  They make bad decisions, or something happens and they no longer have the necessities they need or the luxuries they crave.

As adults we also tend to have a mentality that we are too old to do certain things. We think that we are too old, or to manly, or too much of a feminist or even sometimes too perfect to do certain things.

This is what I want to touch on in this post.  I have seen these things more and more over the past few years.  It seems to only be getting worst.

Don’t take things for granted.

Never take things for granted because what you have today, you may not have tomorrow.

Take your jobs for example, work somewhere where you enjoy working, you can make friends, you make good money to survive and raise your family.  Tomorrow you may not have the luxury of being able to work. Medically you may not be able to, mentally you may not be able to.  Sometimes there are layoffs, shortage of work.  Unforeseen circumstances can change everything.

Never take the people around you for granted, for they may not always be there.  Friends come and go, people come and go, teachers come and go, people who are holding out a helping hand come and go.  Never take that for granted.  Embrace friendships, embrace learning experiences, embrace relationships.

Tell them you are grateful for their help, their friendship, their listening ear, their shoulders to cry on, and their love. You never know when they will no longer be there to offer those things.

You may think that they should already know how much you care for them, appreciate them, or love them.  But in their minds they may wonder why you never tell them that anymore.

Never think that you are too old for something.

You are never too old to show love or emotion, to give someone a hug, a kiss, a pat on the shoulder. Take the time to tell someone that you love them.  Give hugs, simple hugs can be one of the most refreshing things.  Sometimes we just need someone to wrap their arms around us and tell us that everything is going to be okay.  If someone does a good job take the time to tell them they did a good job, praise them up, give them a pat on the shoulder.  After all, they deserve it.

You are never too old to play.  Take the time to play with your children.  Play board games, do puzzles, make crafts, go out side and run around, play catch, build a snow man, go swimming, have a water balloon fight.

Enjoy your children while they are still little.  They are only little once.  And as the song goes:

“So let them be little,
‘Cause they’re only that way for a while.
Give ’em hope, give them praise,
Give them love every day.
Let ’em cry, let ’em giggle,
Let ’em sleep in the middle,
Oh, but let them be little.”

And last but certainly not least.

You are never too old to apologize

As young children we are taught that if we do something wrong we need to apologize.  How many times have you heard a parent say to a child “Say you are sorry”?  If a child says something that hurts another child’s feelings we teach them that they need to apologize.  If they break a toy that belongs to another child we teach them to say “I’m sorry”.

So why as adults is it so hard to take our own advice?

It seems the words “I’m sorry” are becoming less and less common place.  We as adults forget how important those two little words could mean to someone who we may have unintentionally hurt in one way or another.

We all do these things, not really meaning anything by them.  Forgetting to say “I love you” as you run through the door so you will not be late for work.  Right down to neglecting to say “I’m Sorry” because the words are either forgotten or lost somewhere in time.