Like a boat sailing in the distant fog

I was just talking to a friend about writing.  We both write, we both have blogs, and she was saying how she was not sure what direction to go in and I mentioned how I feel my writing slipping away from me.

I replied to her with the following:

I hope you are able to find a path. I am frustrated at the moment, my writing is slipping away from me like some boat sailing in the distant fog, I can see it but I cannot get to it.  And it is very frustrating to say the least.

That very message is what perked my writing of this post.  I liked the way I formed the sentence, so I thought, why not, if I am not able to get my mind to work to write about something else I can at least write about my lack of writing.

So as you have all read in my past posts.  I had my knack for writing gone for over a year.  With the new mania I began writing again, in fact I could not write enough.  I was almost in a constant state of writing, and I was in bliss.   I began Bipolar Whispers in hopes that by sharing some of my writing it could at least help someone, somewhere.

I never imagined it would pick up as quick as it did, and I am thankful for my readers, their comments, and their likes and shares.

But lately, as I am sure some of you have noticed, my writing has been few and far between, and not as elaborate.

I am sort of blaming it on the medications that are keeping the mania just under the surface.  They seem to be stomping on my creative flow.  I hate this.

It is times like this when I feel like taking all the medications, tossing them out and saying “forget it”.  But I also know what happens when I am not medicated.  My husband and my family are too important for me to go unmediated and risk getting really sick again.

So I am writing bits and pieces, trying to work through the little bit of writers block that I am currently experiencing.

As I sit here watching that ship sailing just on the horizon in the fog, I realize that it is at least still in sight, I can at least try to get closer to it.  It is closer to me then it was a year ago when I thought I had my writing capabilities lost forever.  I will fight to get to it again, even if I have to swim the distance.