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Have faith they say……faith.

I have let circumstances control me my entire life. I got hurt at a young age, innocence taken and I let the circumstances dictate my life from that point forward. Letting circumstances dictate a life from age 6 forward can … Continue reading

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Do I hate him?

You know, I don’t know if I hate him anymore.  I mean, I don’t like to hear anything about him, hearing his name makes my skin crawl and causes the anxiety to grip my heart and squeeze.  I would never … Continue reading

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A letter to my 10 year old self

Dear 10 year old me. I am you.  You know, from the future.  First off wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze.  Nice big hug from me.  You deserve it. I am writing this from the future, and let me … Continue reading

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Trigger Response – Corresponding Memories

Trigger.  A topic, word, phrase, item, picture, smell, taste or song that can create an emotional response in someone or cause them to relive an experience.  Traumatic or otherwise. We all have them. Something that triggers a response in our … Continue reading

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Forgetful Memories

My memory is really bad.  I mean, really really bad.  I forget simple things.  I forget more important things.  I forget stories that I want to tell. I forget plot lines in movies.  I read a good book, and 6 … Continue reading

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The little girl in the time capsule.

I found your picture a while ago.  Stored in a bin in my basement, air tight, sealed with a cover. It was kinda like opening a time capsule.  The little girl staring back at me hadn’t changed since the day … Continue reading

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